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How Your Body Fights COVID-19 & Why Your Tongue Tie Matters

Woman with tongue tie in Texas smilingDuring the spread of COVID-19, those with preexisting medical issues that make them more susceptible should be incredibly safe. The key to protecting yourself and your loved ones is social distancing. This limits your contact with others, preventing the spread of COVID-19. For those with respiratory issues, Coronavirus is especially a risk because COVID-19 infects the lungs, causing potentially life-threatening infection. If you have tongue tie in Texas and the respiratory issues that come with it, it’s important that you’re aware of how the Coronavirus can affect your condition. Keep reading to learn more about how tongue tie affects breathing as well as its relationship with COVID-19.

How Does Tongue Tie Affect Breathing?

Tongue tie can cause patients many problems, but one of them is that it makes it harder to breathe. Often, those with tongue tie breathe through their mouth, making them even more susceptible to inhaling respiratory droplets that contain Coronavirus. Plus, their lungs may even be affected by their condition if the patient has been improperly breathing for years.

Why Respiratory Issues are Dangerous During Coronavirus

When you come in contact with a virus, your body automatically goes on the defense. Your immune system fights against the virus, in this case, in the lungs, to prevent it from seriously affecting the rest of your body. This fight will go on until either your immune system has control of the situation, or the virus takes over. What makes having respiratory problems from tongue tie especially dangerous is that your body will automatically put up a weaker fight against the virus.

Tongue Tie Treatment

Thankfully, respiratory issues can be minimized, alleviated, and even erased with the right treatment. Your dentist offers various treatment options to remove your tongue tie and bring the function back to your smile. The most common is called a frenectomy, which can be done relatively painlessly with a scissors and sutures technique. After, you can complete myofunctional therapy in Texas to help your mouth, face, and throat start working as they should. This treatment process will not only help you enjoy a better quality of life, but it will lower your risk of complications that come with having respiratory problems.

Now that you know more about the risks of having tongue tie during this uncertain time, remember to stay safe, watch your breathing, and contact your dentist in Bullard to decrease your risk of respiratory problems.

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Tad Morgan is an experienced dentist who offers advanced services like tongue tie treatment to ensure that his patients can receive all the quality care they need at the same convenient location. While he is closed for elective appointments, he is still ready and able to help in the event of an emergency. If you have any questions or concerns, Dr. Morgan can be contacted through his website or by phone at (903) 825-1112.