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Replace Your Teeth with Dental Implants in Bullard

When permanent teeth are lost, regardless of the reason or number of teeth, dental implants can offer a “new lease on life.” They are superior to other choices because they are solid, secure, and esthetic. After nearly 35 years of use, they have a 90-95% proven success rate in appropriately chosen cases. Dr. Tad Morgan provides dental implant restorations (the dental crowns and other prosthetics that complete the implant process) at our Tyler, TX area dental office in Bullard, Texas.

People choose dental implants for a variety of reasons, including:

An implant is a special surgical-grade titanium post that’s manufactured to highly precise specifications under strict sterile conditions and then inserted surgically into the jawbone below the gum surface. With the proper use of the newest anesthetics and medications, you need not be concerned about pain. As the bone bonds to the post, it forms a secure foundation onto which your new teeth are then attached and shaped to match your mouth. The number of teeth being replaced will determine the best kind of restoration for you. Implants can help replace a single tooth or a full set of teeth. If you have been suffering with partial or full dentures, are missing teeth, or feel you need teeth extracted, do not hesitate to call our dental office near Tyler to be evaluated for dental implants.

Replacing missing teeth is great for your self-confidence, but there are a number of other reasons to replace missing teeth as well. When you lose a tooth, it can cause your bite to become different, contributing to TMJ problems. Missing teeth increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease and contribute to jaw bone loss. Additionally, missing teeth can negatively affect your overall health, making it more difficult to eat the foods you need for proper nutrition.

Implant Restorations & Implant-Retained Dentures

Choosing the right restoration for your new implant(s) is a crucial decision, and Dr. Morgan will work with you to determine the ideal solution based on a number of factors, including your current level of oral health, the amount of teeth that need replacement, and your own personal preferences. When restoring a single tooth that’s still surrounded by healthy teeth, a custom all-ceramic dental crown is the ideal choice. Its conservative nature will preserve as much of your remaining healthy smile as possible while filling in the noticeable gap in a lifelike and functional fashion.

When a greater area of the mouth is in need of tooth replacement, an implant-retained denture can provide quality coverage at a more cost-effective price. These devices are similar to traditional prosthetics, with one important difference – they’re designed to attach over a set number of placed implants for a sturdier, customized fit that feels lifelike. These appliances have both fixed and removable varieties.


When using traditional implants, patients who are facing extensive tooth loss may need up to 8 placed in each arch to support replacements, resulting in an extreme cost and a lengthy healing period. Some are even unable to receive the procedure because they don’t have enough jawbone density left for success. Thankfully, All-on-4 implants from Dr. Morgan here in the Tyler, TX area can provide superior results for many people in need.

Our team typically recommends All-on-4 for patients who have failing teeth or no teeth at all, as well as those who are currently wearing dentures. With this reconstructive treatment, the amount of implants a patient needs is reduced to just four, which can be placed strategically to avoid the need for time-consuming bone grafts and sinus augmentation. We can even provide replacement teeth immediately following your procedure in most cases, allowing you to spend virtually no downtime without the strong, beautiful smile you need.