Smile More with Teeth Whitening in Bullard

Get teeth whitening in Bullard for more smiles this summer.With weddings, graduations, vacations and family get togethers, June is the time for taking pictures. And what do all of those pictures have in common? Smiling faces! To make sure your smile is ready for the camera, come see Dr. Tad Morgan for teeth whitening in Bullard. We offer a whitening system that you’ll use at home to gradually and more effectively brighten your smile. Read on to learn more about how teeth whitening removes stains and discolorations to enhance the appearance of your smile.

Why Isn’t My Smile White Anymore?

Good question. There are a number of different reasons why teeth tend to yellow over time. Unfortunately, our teeth are not exempt for the aging process that takes a toll on the rest of the body. Teeth, too, begin to show the signs of aging.

Another contributing factor is the foods and beverages you have day in and day out. Every time you eat or drink, deposits are left on your teeth. If you happen to have enjoyed something deeply colored such as coffee, tea, tomato sauce or chocolate, then molecules of pigment can become trapped in the cracks and ridges of teeth and eventually cause staining to occur.

Other things that can lead to the discoloration of your smile include:

  • The nicotine in smoking and chewing tobacco
  • Certain types of radiation and chemotherapy treatments
  • The antibiotic tetracycline if given at a young age when teeth are developing
  • An injury that causes bleeding inside a tooth

Teeth Whitening in Bullard

To erase stains and discoloration from the enamel surface and dentin layer of your teeth, Dr. Morgan offers the Kör teeth whitening system. KӧR Whitening systems uses a proprietary Dual-Activated™, Tri-Barrel Hydremide® Peroxide formula. This system keeps all of the whitening ingredients separated until just before you are ready to whiten. Keeping them separate ensures their potency and strength so you’ll see results that are as good as any in-office whitening system. In addition, KӧR is kept refrigerated from the time of manufacture right up until the solution is applied to your teeth. This way, you know you are receiving the freshest bleaching solution that is also safe and effective.

When you are ready to whiten, all you have to do is fill each mouth tray with the KӧR solution. We’ll take impressions of your teeth in order to make trays that fit snuggly, keeping the bleach in place and blocking saliva that can interfere with the whitening process. After a couple of weeks of consecutive use, you will see the remarkable transformation of your smile. Need a touch-up? Just use your mouth trays and the KӧR whitening gel periodically to maintain your white smile.

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