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Start Young: The Importance of Myofunctional Therapy for Kids

Do you want to ensure that your child has a strong foundation for oral health in their lifetime? Then know how critical it is to start young with myofunctional therapy. Myofunctional therapy is a unique approach that addresses a variety of issues related to oral function and can help improve a child’s oral development. This article outlines the key reasons why myofunctional therapy is essential for kids, no matter how old they are.

What is Myofunctional Therapy?

Myofunctional therapy is a type of treatment that “retrains” the muscles in the mouth and throat to work properly. It helps to eliminate harmful habits, such as thumb-sucking, tongue-thrusting, and breathing through the mouth, and rebuild healthy and strong muscle patterns. Myofunctional therapy can also address functional orthodontic issues and improve overall oral health by promoting nasal breathing, proper chewing, and speaking.

Importance of Myofunctional Therapy for Kids

Myofunctional therapy is particularly important for children because it can prevent a wide range of problems from developing. Many of these issues may have more severe consequences as a child grows into adolescence or adulthood. For example, untreated tongue-thrusting can lead to abnormal speech sounds, while an open bite caused by thumb-sucking can lead to difficulty chewing and swallowing. Early treatment with myofunctional therapy can help prevent these and other oral health issues.

Benefits of Myofunctional Therapy for Kids

The most significant benefit of myofunctional therapy for kids is that it can help to promote proper oral function. Children who undergo myofunctional therapy will gain strong and healthy muscles in their mouth and throat, which can help them to develop proper speech sounds, improved feeding and swallowing, and better jaw and teeth alignment. Other benefits include improved nasal breathing and overall oral health.

When to Seek Myofunctional Therapy for Kids

It is important to start early with myofunctional therapy in order to correct any issues before they become more severe. Most pediatric dentists and orthodontists recommend starting myofunctional therapy for children between the ages of 2 and 7. However, treatment can still be effective for older children and teenagers. The key is to find a trained myofunctional therapist who can customize treatment to a child’s individual needs.


It is essential to recognize the importance of myofunctional therapy for kids in order to address and prevent a wide range of oral health issues. Starting young can help to promote proper oral function and overall oral health for children. Parents should encourage healthy oral habits and seek treatment from a trained therapist as soon as issues are identified.

By understanding the key reasons for starting myofunctional therapy for kids, parents can help to ensure their children have a strong foundation for oral health in their lifetime.