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Can You Put a Knocked-Out Tooth Back in Your Mouth?

Man with hand on his mouth due to knocked-out tooth

Knocked out teeth are nothing short of surprising. Whether it’s an injury during sports, or slipping and taking a fall, this dental emergency is actually more common than you may think. Over 5 million teeth are knocked out in children and adults each year. However, that doesn’t mean they’re all lost for good. So, how do you save a tooth? Is it safe to put it back in your mouth once it’s knocked out? Keep reading to learn the answers!

Knocked Out Tooth? Here’s What to Do Next

So you’re enjoying your normal day and that’s when it happens. You take the wrong step and boom – your tooth is knocked out. Don’t panic! It can still be saved. Pick it up by the crown so you don’t damage the fragile tooth roots. Then, carefully rinse your tooth to remove any dirt or germs. Don’t scrub it and try to handle it as little as possible to avoid damage. It’s important that the tooth is not left out of moisture for over an hour because it may not be able to be saved if it dries out.

Can You Put It Back in Your Mouth?

Yes! If you’re able to put your tooth back in your socket, this step will give you the best chance of saving your natural smile. That said, children should never try to put their permanent tooth back in their mouth. Instead, you can do it for them to ensure their safety. The reason for putting the tooth back in your mouth is to keep it moist. Carefully use your fingers to push the tooth back into its original socket. To hold it in place, bite down very carefully or use a finger.

In some cases, it just isn’t possible to put the tooth back in the socket. However, it’s vital to keep the tooth moist. Instead, place the knocked-out tooth in a container of milk, or you can hold it in your mouth on the side of your cheek.

Don’t Hesitate

Once you’ve addressed the situation while figuring out a way to keep your tooth safe, it’s imperative that you see your dentist right away. If you can get to their office in a half an hour or less, you’ll give them their best chance of successfully replanting it. This will also give them an opportunity to check on the rest of your teeth, ensuring they are still safe and undamaged.

A knocked-out tooth can be shocking, but with the right steps, you can save it! Just remember these tips and call your dentist right away if you ever experience this type of emergency.

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Tad Morgan uses his decades of dental experience and advanced training to offer a wide range of emergency dental services for his Bullard patients. He is ready to help in your time of need if you do ever experience a knocked-out tooth. For any questions, he can be reached through his website or by phone at (903) 825-1112.