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Caleb – Full Mouth Restoration

Andrew – General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Brianna – Sleep Apnea

Desires – Cosmetic Dentistry

Jennifer S. – Six Month Smiles

Jennifer had a big day coming up – how would she be able to straighten her smile before her wedding day? Watch to find out.

Carol T. – Veneers

Carol had a good smile before, but she made it great with veneers from Dr. Tad Morgan.

Denny K. – Implants

Thanks to his new implants and Dr. Tad Morgan, Denny will never have to worry about what he can eat.

Gail R. – Migraines/headaches & Jaw Popping

Gail had suffered from headaches for years as well as severe TMJ pain. She was unable to finish a meal at a restaurant with a group due to having so much TMJ pain eating she had to eat slowly.

Chelsie Y. – Headaches, Jaw Popping & Tension

Another happy patient after headache and TMJ therapy at the Tyler Headache Center and Dr. Tad Morgan.

Venus – Migraine Sufferer For Over 20 Years

Venus was unable to live life to the fullest due to daily migraine headaches. She was missing out on her family and job and after Trudenta Headache Therapy by Dr. Tad Morgan she was able to enjoy life again.


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