Relax with NuCalm in Our Office

Keeping patients comfortable and at ease is a top priority for Dr. Tad Morgan and the rest of our dental team.


Relaxation Dentistry with NuCalm

Keeping patients comfortable and at ease is a top priority for Dr. Tad Morgan and the rest of our dental team. Instead of relying on medication and controlled substances that lead to inconvenient downtime, we’re happy to offer NuCalm as a safe, non-impaired alternative that can eliminate your dental fear and help you receive the advanced, rejuvenating care you deserve. Our practice is located here in Bullard, TX, and we’re happy to also welcome patients from Flint, TX and surrounding areas. Contact us today!

How does NuCalm work?

Here are the steps to becoming relaxed and ready for dental work with NuCalm:

  • You’ll chew on a natural tablet that reduces your adrenaline levels.
  • A patch will be applied behind the ear that provides a subtle wavelength of stimulation, helping patients relax quicker.
  • Our team will provide noise-cancelling headphones that play soothing music.
  • Our team will provide dark glasses that remove any unpleasant visual stimuli.

Patients won’t be lulled to sleep with NuCalm; instead, they’ll remain both aware and deeply comfortable, making it easy to return to a normal mental state once their procedure is complete.


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