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Jaw Pain No More: TMJ Treatment Options in Bullard, Texas

When it comes to the treatment of TMJ, which stands for temporomandibular joint, it’s crucial for Bullard, Texas residents to find the right professional to help them. TMJ disorder can be highly-invasive and painful, and it’s important for patients to have access to a variety of treatment options to fit their individual needs.

This article will provide readers with a general overview of TMJ disorder, as well as some of the most common treatment options available in Bullard, Texas. Readers will be well-equipped to explore their options and find the best solution for their individual situation.

What is TMJ Disorder?

The temporomandibular joint is located on either side of the skull, closer to the ear. This hinge-like joint is responsible for the movement of the jaw, from side to side and up and down. TMJ disorder occurs when the joint becomes inflamed or misaligned, and it can be caused by a variety of factors, including trauma, stress, anxiety, and arthritis.

Some of the most common symptoms for TMJ disorder include: pain and tenderness in the temporomandibular joint, earaches, difficulty chewing, headaches, locked jaw and clicking or popping noises. If left untreated for a long time, TMJ disorder can significantly affect a person’s quality of life, including their eating habits, cognitive function, and speech patterns.

Although TMJ disorder can be painful, most patients can find relief through a variety of treatment options.

Treatment Options

The first step for patients seeking TMJ treatment in Bullard, Texas is to schedule an appointment with a professional such as a dentist, doctor, or oral maxillofacial surgeon. During the appointment, the provider will conduct a thorough evaluation and take a detailed medical history. Based on the assessment, the provider may recommend one or more of the following TMJ treatment options:

Oral Medications

In some cases, patients can find significant relief from oral medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), muscle relaxants, and antidepressants. These can help to improve pain management, reduce inflammation, and improve mood related to TMJ disorder.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy, such as massage, stretching, and gentle exercise, may be recommended as part of a patient’s treatment plan. These treatments can help to reduce muscle tension and improve range of motion in the jaw. In addition, the provider may recommend at-home exercises to strengthen the jaw and facial muscles.

Inter-Oral Devices

Many patients find relief through the use of inter-oral devices such as bite splints or mouth guards. These devices can help to alleviate discomfort for patients who experience pain while eating or lying down. The provider will conduct an evaluation of the patient’s jaw and bite to determine the type of device that will be most effective for their particular situation.

Alternative Treatments

Providers may recommend alternative treatments such as acupuncture, biofeedback, ultrasound therapy, or exercises such as yoga or tai chi. These treatments can help to reduce the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of TMJ disorder.

Dr. Scott York

Dr. Scott York’s general dentistry practice in Bullard, Texas is dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective TMJ treatments for patients of all ages. Dr. York and his team of dental professionals have the expertise to diagnose and treat TMJ disorder using individualized treatment plans based on a patient’s unique symptoms and needs.

Dr. York utilizes a variety of treatments to help patients find relief from TMJ disorder, including intra-oral devices such as bite splints, oral medications, and physical therapy. In addition, Dr. York is happy to discuss alternative treatments with patients who are seeking a more holistic approach to their TMJ treatment plan.


Whether you are just beginning to experience TMJ pain or have been living with the disorder for a long time, it’s important to find a provider who can offer the treatment you need to find relief. Bullard, Texas residents are in good hands with Dr. Scott York, who is dedicated to providing comprehensive, effective, and individualized TMJ treatments.

To learn more about the treatment options for TMJ in Bullard, Texas, and to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Scott York’s practice today.