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Is Tongue Tie Treatment Necessary? Understanding Your Options with Dr. Tad Morgan

Tongue-tie, also known as ankyloglossia, is a condition where the tongue’s movement is restricted due to a tight lingual frenulum. This can lead to a range of problems, such as difficulty in speaking, eating, and swallowing properly, as well as potential dental and mouth development issues. Treating tongue-tie typically involves having it checked and diagnosed by a skilled healthcare professional, and ultimately, deciding on the best treatment method. This is where Dr. Tad Morgan, a highly certified and experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon comes in. In this article, we will go over the basics of tongue-tie, the treatment options for it, and what Dr. Tad Morgan can offer.

What is Tongue-Tie?

Tongue-tie is a congenital condition. This means that a child is born with it. Typically, it means this developmental problem is genetic. A lot of times, parents will first notice and recognize their child having a tongue-tie because the baby has an unusual shape to the tip of their tongue. Common signs and symptoms of tongue-tie include difficulties in breastfeeding, restrictive mouth movements, difficulty in sticking out the tongue past the lower front teeth, making speech sound productions poorly, and the presence of a heart-shaped or notched tongue tip.

Treatment Options

Whether or not to have a tongue-tie treated is a big decision, especially for the parents of young children, and Dr. Tad Morgan will help you navigate these decisions. Often, your child’s pediatrician will be the first to perform the examination to diagnose this condition. If needed, this can be referred to a specialist, such as Dr. Tad Morgan, to have the procedure performed. There are generally two treatment options for tongue-tie. The first and most conservative one is called “watchful waiting”. This just means monitoring your child’s progress over time to see if their problems do not clear themselves up. However, if the child and parents choose to proceed with treatment, there is a surgical procedure called a “frenulectomy”. This involves snipping the frenulum under anesthesia. However, again, all these decisions will be made with help from knowledgeable pediatricians and surgeons.

Dr. Tad Morgan’s Offerings

Dr. Tad Morgan is a well-trained and knowledgeable oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He has completed his medical degree, his doctor of dental surgery, residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery, and has even gone through a fellowship in temperomandibular and adult reconstruction surgery. He is currently and has been for awhile in practice in the Dallas Fort-Worth area. Board certified and a fellow of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Dr. Tad Morgan is highly qualified to help diagnose and treat your child’s tongue-tie problem.

Especially considering young children, Dr. Tad Morgan and his highly responsive staff will help make sure your child has a smooth and uneventful procedure. If needed, the engagement of an anesthesiologist can be arranged to make sure even the tiniest of tongues have a comfortable and safe experience. Not only that, but Dr. Tad Morgan and team understand the significant mental and emotional strain having a child undergo a procedure such as this can be. They’ll be there every step of the way to answer your questions and take care of your child, which can truly be a godsend often parents.


Whether you or your pediatrician suspect your child has tongue-tie, this is something that should be checked and treated if necessary. Engaging a knowledgeable and skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon, such as Dr. Tad Morgan, will help guide you through this challenging time. These oral surgeries can feel intense and overwhelming but having complete trust in the knowledgeable help you’re engaging will make this procedure as stress-free as possible.