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Breathing New Life: Sleep Apnea Success Stories from Bullard

As airways on a global scale become more and more pinpointed, one particular cause behind them is unfortunately way less pinpointed – and that’s obstructive sleep apnea. As you may or may not know, sleep apnea is a condition in which the airways become obstructed during sleep. This forces an individual to intermittently stop breathing while they stay slumbered. These interruptions to our respiratory system occur clusters of times throughout the night. In addition, this type of apnea is occurring in both adults and children. Today, it’s estimated that over 22 million Americans are dealing with some form of sleep apnea; making this a very common affliction.

Some of the triggers behind sleep apnea include obesity, high blood pressure, and a number of different lifestyle factors. On the other hand, more obstructive causes can include a buildup of fatty tissues pressing on the airway. If nothing else, OSA is proving to be a significant issue worldwide. How so is a phrase easily enough said, but just how significant are some of the outcomes for those afflicted?

Life with Sleep Apnea

All too often, an individual’s life tends to revolve around this affliction. Those dealing with OSA are likewise managing daytime somnolence, mood issues, fatigue, and headaches. Additional negative outcomes could be related to cardiovascular issues. Because during the process of fighting to breathe, blood pressure may become elevated. Extra complications could include pulmonary hypertension, as well.

In addition to the worry that accompanies having to rest during the course of a traditional night’s sleep, those dealing with this condition may experience complications while traveling. Because when someone with sleep apnea spends the night away from home, their machine to assist them breathe again must accompany them. Without that device close at hand, they face a risk of the airway closing while they sleep.

The Benefits of Proper OSA Treatment

Fortunately, there are treatment options available for those burdened with sleep apnea. Using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine is the most traditional way to treat OSA. This type of device uses a supplied airway pressure which keeps the airway open to allow air to flow. For some, beyond this treatment cholesterol, weight loss, or other specific treatments might likewise help.

When appropriate treatment is followed, outcomes can be remarkably positive. Beyond the basic increase in energy that comes with acquiring adequate sleep, research has revealed CPAP treatment is capable of reducing the associated cardiovascular risk for those with sleep apnea. On top of that, relief from headache, mood enhancement, and daytime cognitive improvements are regular as well.

Real-Life Success Stories

Of course, more important than the clinical benefits are the very real success stories that are coming out of Bullard. One of countless individuals speaking out on their experiences is Paul. For year, Paul – who now resides in the Atlanta area – was a complication from sleep apnea troubles. After a few years of being constantly tired and unnerved by nagging headaches, insurance at last gave Paul access to a CPAP machine. According to Paul, this treatment “saved my life” and only three months into utilizing the machine, all of his symptoms had literally disappeared.

Another success summarizing how this syndrome does not have to dominate daily life is Gary. He says that he had been searching for years for relief from depressive feelings and chronic fatigue without success. Using a CPAP machine changed things around, and today results are Gilbert’s new zest for life. He’s never felt better. That itself is hopeful!

The Significance of Success

Of course, these are only two success stories among countless others. Still, the main point of all these accumulated stories of success is remarkably simple. No one needs to resign themselves to continual tiredness, headaches, and depression any longer. With the right care and treatment, the weight of sleep apnea can finally be lifted.

Everyone with sleep apnea has the capability to find hope again. Those fighting with daytime drowsiness, mood issues, and fatigue can finally discover hope for an improved future. And everyone recovering from sleep apnea stands as a sparkling example of hope in their own right; a truth to live by.