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Unparalleled Qualifications and Comprehensive Care

Dr. Morgan is one of only four providers who is qualified to perform the high level of tongue tie treatment that is available in our practice.

Unparalleled Qualifications and Comprehensive Care

Tongue tie can affect one’s dental and facial development, and it can cause problems well into the later stages of life. Receiving treatment for tongue tie is important! But whom should you choose to provide tongue tie treatment? Do not simply pick any doctor who advertises that they treat tongue tie. Take your time to do some research so you can find someone who is truly qualified to provide comprehensive, effective treatment.

Dr. Tad Morgan and our team have a keen interest in tongue tie and in helping our patients find relief from it.  As you will discover on this page, we are your best choice for treating tongue tie in East Texas. In fact, Dr. Morgan is one of only four providers who is qualified to perform the high level of tongue tie treatment that is available in our practice. He is experienced in helping his patients enjoy a functional and healthy mouth. He even started practicing once a month in Dallas to allow more patients to receive his quality care because Texas is one of the few states where patients can even get these types of treatments.

The Breathe Institute

The Breathe Institute is an organization that promotes healthier breathing through a range of services. Its affiliates address a range of structural and behavioral issues that can hinder people’s breathing and thus dramatically affect the quality of their sleep and their overall quality of life. Tongue tie is one such issue. As an Affiliate of the Breathe Institute, Dr. Morgan works alongside other professionals to advance awareness and treatment of disorders that affect the way people breathe.

The Breathe Institute is headquartered in California, but their Affiliates and Ambassadors form a larger network. Dr. Morgan is proud to be able to apply the Institute’s principles to help patients in East Texas.

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Many people make the mistake of thinking that treating tongue tie is as simple as performing a frenectomy, a short procedure that loosens the tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. In most cases, however, successfully treating tongue tie is more complex. It often requires that patients undergo myofunctional therapy.

Myofunctional therapy trains patients to use their tongue properly and keep it in its correct resting position. When this therapy is performed both before and after a frenectomy, it enables patients to truly experience freedom from the symptoms and complications of tongue tie. Our practice has an in-house myofunctional therapist who can help patients master the use of their tongue and thus enjoy fewer speech problems, easier breathing, and more.


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